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Desktop search race heats up

With beta service, Microsoft's MSN aims to move up from the back of the crowd. Also: Will IBM be the Google of the business world?

With beta service, MSN aims to move up from the back of the crowd. Also: IBM's Google ambitions.

MSN joins desktop search fray

Beta software launch sees Microsoft take on Google, Yahoo and others in a hotly contested race to dominate desktop search.
December 13, 2004

Can IBM be a Google for businesses?

Big Blue is working on data storage software designed to help companies find business documents scattered across their networks.
December 13, 2004

Search companies vie for the desktop

From Microsoft to AOL to Ask Jeeves, everyone seems to have something cooking.
December 10, 2004

Yahoo to test desktop search

Net giant will introduce free software that helps people search the contents of their hard drives in a push to keep pace with Google.
December 9, 2004 related coverage

Google offers a suggestion

The search giant quietly launches a new feature that tries to figure out what you want.
Image: You type, Google guesses
December 10, 2004