DeltaPoint previews WebAnimator

At Macworld, DeltaPoint will preview WebAnimator, a $99 toolset aimed at letting novice users and developers add multimedia elements to home pages.

CNET News staff
DeltaPoint will show off WebAnimator this week at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Aimed at home users and developers, the $99 package is due to hit store shelves by midyear. The toolset lets users quickly create multimedia graphics and add them to Web pages.

WebAnimator comprises a multimedia authoring tool and a player for viewing. In addition, the toolset enables users to overcome a common hurdle: the lengthy download time of most multimedia files. Animations created with WebAnimator use less memory because they're developed with vector-drawing technology. Vector-based drawing uses less memory than bitmap painting, according to company officials.

A Netscape Navigator plug-in component for displaying WebAnimator creations will be distributed free at the company's Web site when it becomes available.