Dell to show Pentium Pro servers

Dell will announce a series of three Pentium Pro servers at PC Expo this week.

CNET News staff
Dell Computer plans to retool its line of PowerEdge Pentium-based servers into Pentium Pro-based machines that will be announced this week at the PC Expo trade show in New York.

The series of single, dual, and quad-processor systems will all feature Intel LANDesk Server Management software and use Intel's new 200-MHz Pentium Pro chips. The machines will be able to work with any network that supports the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) standard for managing information on a network.

The demonstration models, running a beta version of Windows NT 4.0, will have up to 2GB of ECC memory, up to 54GB of hot-swappable disk storage, an integrated PCI ultra-wide SCSI-2 disk controller, a PCI ultra-wide SCSI-2 RAID controller, redundant hot-pluggable load-sharing power supplies, and integrated remote server management.

Dell will also demonstrate an expandable rack-mounted disk array storage solution to be used with the upgraded server line.

The company said the servers are set to ship this year, but Dell will not announce pricing or specific availability next week.

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