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Now you can use a Facebook bot to write the president

"Dear President Obama...." A new Messenger service makes it easy to chat with the White House, but the conversation will likely be one-sided.


Got something to say to the president? Now you can use Facebook to send a note to the White House's new messenger bot. The messaging service launched Wednesday.

"The White House's Messenger bot, a first of its kind for any government the world over, will make it as easy as messaging your closest friends," wrote Josh Goldman, chief digital officer of the White House, in a blog post Wednesday.

The bot doesn't give you an algorithmically generated answer from President Barack Obama. It just removes that extra step of going to another website to communicate with the White House.

Previously, when you saw a political post on Facebook that got your blood boiling, you had to leave the service and head over to Whitehouse.gov to send a message to tell the president exactly what you think. No more.

To use the bot, click "message" at the White House's Facebook page. You can also access the bot from the Facebook Messenger app.

"One of our jobs at the White House is to keep up with these new ways of communication," Goldman said.