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'Dear Netflix': Price hike ignites social-media fire

Following news that it's raising prices, the company's Facebook page has gotten some 10,000 comments and counting today as a "Dear Netflix" meme emerges on Twitter.

Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

While it's been a rough day for some Netflix users who partake of both online streaming and DVD-by-mail services with word of a 60 percent price hike, today has been downright bruising for Netflix itself. The company is getting battered by irate users taking to social media to vent their red-envelope-tinged fury.

On Netflix's Facebook page, just six hours after the company posted a link to the announcement that appeared on its company blog, more than 9,000 comments have been posted in response. I read a sample of about 100 comments, and only one defended the Netflix decision.

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"I can't believe the gall of a company raising what I can get today by over 60 percent!" Facebook user Barbra Watkins writes in a comment. "No special offers to current customers and no reduced price for getting both. How is this in any way a good deal? Amazon prime... Here I come. At least they care about customer costs. We canceled today and won't be back."

Numerous users are apparently "liking" the Netflix page just to be able to leave a negative comment, and many more claim Netflix has deleted previous comments. Clearly, they're not keeping up with the tidal wave of negative reaction. More than 300 more comments have been added since I started this paragraph.

Putting more direct pressure on the company are new community pages that continue to spring up with names like "Cancel Netflix," "I Unlike Netflix Today," and "I used to love Netflix until they decided to rip me off." A few of the pages encourage Netflix users to show their contempt by participating in a mass cancellation on September 1.

Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Over on Twitter, "Dear Netflix" is now a top trending topic, with tweets like "Dear Netflix, As much as we love the 'cerebral romantic comedy documentaries' genre you suggested, paying double is insane. k thx bai."

I couldn't find any responses from Netflix anywhere amid the deluge of complaints, and a direct request for comment from the company this evening has not been answered.