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Dead browser forms come back to life with Lazarus

Stop tearing your hair out after losing an email or epic blog post due to browser form failure.

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Ever written a big email via webmail, been writing an epic blog post or filled out an important form when suddenly your browser dies and the form is lost?

Such failure is up there with some of today's most gut-wrenching first-world problems and keeps victims twitchy with fear of a future encounter.

But fear no more! There is now an add-on for Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome called Lazarus: Form Recovery!

Lazarus will keep an eye on your forms and auto save the text as you go. Should something go wrong, you can come back to the form page and Lazarus can offer to re-insert the text that belonged to each field the last time you were there.

There are security options to make sure your data is only used for good instead of evil, and you can limit how long Lazarus will keep track of recently entered data. As far as lifesaving add-ons go, Lazarus is among the best.