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Day in Cyberspace Project Under Way

Cybercitizens have a chance to get in on Day in the Life series creator Rick Smolan's latest project, 24 Hours in Cyberspace. The project goes online February 8.

Rick Smolan , creator of the popular Day in the Life series of photography books, is working on a new project intended to document the way the Internet is changing people's lives.

Called 24 Hours in Cyberspace, the effort will dispatch 100 photographers to locations around the world on February 8. The photos will be digitized and sent to the project's headquarters in San Francisco, where a team of editors, designers, and programmers will post them on the project's Web site.

Smolan's company, Against All Odds Productions, is asking Net users to submit stories for consideration. There will also be a parallel Student Underground version of the project.

In addition to the Web site, Against All Odds will produce a book and a CD-ROM based on the project.