Daily Tidbits: Glassdoor tells you where to work

Netflix, Adobe, and Google are great places to work if you're in the tech field, according to online community offering career advice.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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On Tuesday, Glassdoor.com, an online community that offers career advice, released its first Employees' Choice Awards, which lists the top 50 "Best Places to Work." According to the report, which features data from employees at more than 11,000 companies operating in the U.S., General Mills is the best company to work for in the United States. In the tech space, Netflix and Adobe made it into the top five and Google wasn't far behind in seventh place. Google CEO Eric Schmidt also received an 89 percent approval rating from employees, while Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings managed a perfect 100 percent approval rating. Apple is ranked 19th in employee satisfaction, while Microsoft failed to make the list. The survey was conducted by polling thousands of employees at over 11,000 companies and asking them what they thought of their employer. They were also asked to evaluate their employer's CEO.

Location-based social network Brightkite announced Monday that it has added Facebook Connect support to its service. According to the company, Facebook Connect will now allow Brightkite users to update their Facebook status, as well as publish their location, notes, and photos directly to their news feed. The offering was in beta for the past few weeks, but Brightkite claims it has "worked the kinks out" and anyone using both services can start cross-posting immediately.

SnapMyLife, a company that provides access to photos uploaded from mobile phones around the world, announced Tuesday that it's trying to start a grassroots campaign around New Year's Eve. The company is asking its 500,000 global users to take a snapshot of their New Year's celebrations at 11:59 p.m. and 12:01 a.m. and upload those photos to their accounts so SnapMyLife can create a collage of New Year's celebrations. Upon taking a picture with their mobile phone, users need to tag the image as "newyears" and upload it to the service. Once complete, SnapMyLife will combine all the images and publish the collage on its site in early January.

TechCrunch is reporting that online directory YellowPages.com acquired the domain name YP.com for $3.85 million in early December. YellowPages.com, which is owned by AT&T, acquired the domain from an online classifieds service called LiveDeal. YP.com now redirects to YellowPages.com.