Daily Tidbits: Amazon isn't alone in its success

Amazon's Chinese competitor, LightInTheBox.com, announced that its sales tripled over the past year and it was quick to point out that it's beating its U.S. competitor.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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LightInTheBox.com, a China-based global online distribution company that competes with Amazon.com, announced Wednesday that it too witnessed record holiday sales over the past month. According to the company, it tripled its fourth-quarter sales over last year. LightInTheBox would not divulge any more financial information, but its executives were quick to note that Amazon's increase--16 percent--was substantially lower than that of their own company. Regardless, Amazon is still a much larger company.

Angelsoft, a service that connects venture capitalists with entrepreneurs, has released a software update and has decided to open its service to angel investors. Dubbed Anglesoft 3.4, the company's new software gives users the option of e-mailing deals to a default e-mail address and includes a slew of minor improvements to help venture capitalists manage their deals more effectively. It also added back-end features to provide services for angel investors. The software is available now.

Globaltel Media, a company that provides mobile media services, announced the pre-release version of Cherple, which allows users to engage in a two-way text messaging conversation between those using mobile phones and friends using the Web. Once users register with Cherple, they can communicate with other users through their mobile phone. In essence, one user can send a text message from their mobile phone, which is then received by their friend in their browser. That person can then respond in their browser and the message will be delivered to the recipient's mobile phone. Cherple will be officially launched at CES in January, and integration into Facebook and MySpace is on the way. For now, the service is only available on the company's site.

General Patent Corporation, a company that provides patent licensing and enforcement services, announced Wednesday that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against game developer NCSoft on behalf of 3D online design firm Worlds.com. The lawsuit was brought against NCSoft for its alleged infringement of Worlds.com's three-dimensional technology used in MMORPGs. General Patent Corporation is citing NCSoft's City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Tabula Rasa, Lineage, and Lineage II as examples of possible infringement. Worlds' CEO, Thom Kidrin, says his company wants "fair compensation" for the use of its patented technology.