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'Daddy Lessons' and 'The Hamilton Mixtape': Here's everything that happened in streaming music this week

Sound Bites: This week, Beyoncé releases her latest music video after performing with the Dixie Chicks, we get a peek at "The Hamilton Mixtape" and Alicia Keys is "Here" with new music.

Beyoncé has dropped another music video that is streaming exclusively on the Tidal music service.

New exclusives

  • Beyoncé released the music video for "Daddy Lessons" on Tidal following a performance of the song at the Country Music Awards with the Dixie Chicks. The video is part of "Lemonade," the visual-album she dropped earlier this year, but now, if you only want to see "Daddy Lessons" you don't have to sit through half of "Lemonade" just to watch it.
  • An extended version of Bon Jovi's latest record, "This House Is Not For Sale," is streaming exclusively on Tidal. It has four extra tracks than the version available on Apple Music.
  • Alicia Keys' new album, "Here," is here. Though you can find it streaming on all platforms, Tidal is the only place you can find her short film "The Gospel," which is set in New York and features new songs from the album.
  • After teasing fans with snippets all year, last week Meek Mill finally dropped his "DC4" mixtape, and this week the music video for "Way Up" is exclusively streaming on Tidal.

New non-exclusives

  • For all of you Hamilton heads out there, you probably already know that earlier this week Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the official tracklist for the "The Hamilton Mixtape," a collection of songs from the "Hamilton" musical re-recorded by today's biggest artists. If you can't wait until December 2nd for the whole thing, you can listen to two of the songs ("It's Quiet Uptown" by Kelly Clarkson and "My Shot" by The Roots) on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Spotify Connect comes to Sonos

If you own a Sonos system and you're a Spotify subscriber, you'll be happy to know that Spotify Connect is now available for you to use in beta. The feature let's you listen to music on any speaker in your house by using the Spotify app as a remote. It'll make it easier to, say, move from listening to music on the speaker in your kitchen to the one in the living room.