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D-Day for the Hare virus arrives

The Hare virus detonates today for the unlucky few who may have contracted it.

The Hare virus detonates today and antivirus software companies are lining up to make sure you won't be decimated.

A myriad of companies are offering free downloads of antivirus software that offers special protection against the nasty but relatively rare virus. The Hare virus, a.k.a. the Hare Krishna virus for its reference to Hare Krishna in its code, is said to be capable of completely wiping out a user's hard drive when it detonates, an event that its creators have scheduled for today, August 22.

The virus has been spread mostly to people who downloaded pictures and programs from Internet newsgroups. That's the bad news. The good news is the virus does not spread too well because it is so buggy. In fact, it tends to crash computers before it can actually spread.

Still, folks may want to rush out and download anti-virus software before tomorrow because the virus is so potentially devastating if your PC has been infected. The virus is set to detonate again on September 22.

"While this virus is not what I would consider extremely likely to spread, there is a chance that some users have downloaded these infected files," said Sarah Gordon, a security analyst with Command Software Systems, an anti-virus utility vendor.

The following is a list of just a few sites where people can get information about viruses or download antivirus software:
--First, check out this list of antivirus sites maintained by the National Computer Security Association.
--Antivirus software vendors include Trend, Dr. Solomon, Stiller Research, and McAfee, Symantec.

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