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Cyber thieves rob another bank by hacking into Swift financial network

After $81 million was stolen in February from the central bank of Bangladesh, Swift has reported a second attack on its system.

Swift sent a letter to its customers reporting the attack.


There's been another hack into a major artery of the world financial system.

Swift, an allegedly uber-secure financial messaging system used by banks around the world, reported to its customers that it was once again breached by cyber thieves. The victim of a $80 million theft via malware in February, Swift hasn't disclosed how much money was stolen from an unnamed commercial bank in this second attack.

Dear Swift user,

As we notified you in our earlier communications, we are aware of a small number of recent cases of fraud at customer firms. First and foremost we would like to reassure you again that the SWIFT network, core messaging services and software have not been compromised. We have however now learnt more about a second instance in which malware was used - again directed at banks' secondary controls, but which in this instance targets a PDF Reader used by the customer to check its statement messages.

The organization had warned of the possibility of additional breaches just days earlier.

A link to Swift's full statement can be found here.