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Cyber Monday helps Amazon break its single-day sales record

The company's last single-day sales record came in July during the Prime Day sale.

The company said it sold hundreds of millions of products on the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.
Ben Fox Rubin/CNET

Amazon broke its single-day worldwide sales record this Cyber Monday, the company said Wednesday. 

Granted, it would've been far more surprising if that hadn't happened.

The e-commerce giant has been growing fast and benefiting from consumers' continued shift to online shopping. This means that, so far, every year brings new sales records for the company.

You wouldn't need to look back too far for the last single-day sales record: It happened in July on Amazon's third annual Prime Day sale. But while Prime Day has become a major sales day for Amazon, Cyber Monday historically has been the company's biggest day every year.

Amazon rarely offers specific figures when it reports these records and Wednesday's announcement followed that trend. However, the company did note that hundreds of millions of products were sold during the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday this year. In addition, Amazon said its Echo Dot smart speaker was its biggest seller on Cyber Monday.

Amazon also noted that small businesses and entrepreneurs selling through Amazon also saw their biggest sales day ever on Cyber Monday and racked up sales of 140 million items from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Amazon has been working to present itself as an ally of small businesses to help counter negative perceptions that it's growing too fast and gobbling up too much of the retail world.

The company also added to the growing shift toward mobile shopping, saying that orders on Amazon's app rose more than 50 percent year over year this Cyber Monday.

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