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Cubby cloud service pricing revealed

Dropbox competitor Cubby has unveiled its pricing as it gets set to leave beta and go live.

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Dropbox competitor Cubby has unveiled its pricing as it gets set to leave beta and go live.

(Credit: LogMeIn)

LogMeIn's Cubby was announced and launched into beta in April of this year, offering some great features. For free, you get 5GB of storage, adding 1GB extra for each friend you refer, meaning that you can get up to 25GB of free storage on the service — which makes it one of the best-value cloud options currently available: Dropbox offers 100GB for US$19.99 per month or 2GB for free, with 500MB for each referral. The Pro version of Cubby costs US$6.99 a month if you pay annually and US$9.99 a month if you pay monthly.

And, if you have a Cubby beta, you can get an even better deal mdash; until launch, LogMeIn is offering Cubby beta users a special price of US$3.99 per month for 100GB.

Users who purchase a Pro subscription get a few additional features that are not offered to free users:

  • DirectSync — Cubby's P2P sync, which means that you can host your folder on your own device and simply use Cubby to share it, bypassing the Cloud storage

  • Cubby Locks — user-held encryption keys

  • Unified account management and billing

  • Access to level 2 support

Both free and Pro users also get private and public sharing; unlimited versioning and file size uploads; desktop and mobile apps (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android); and client-side encryption (AES 256-bit encryption).

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