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Cthulhu doesn't appreciate Stephen King's Trump comparison

It's not wise to upset a fictional H.P. Lovecraft monster. Cthulhu issues an angry response to horror writer Stephen King, who dared to compare him to US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Cthulhu is not to be trifled with.

Sure, he's a made-up, tentacled, winged creature created by legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft. But Cthulhu also brings nightmares and insanity to all characters who cross his path. So why tempt fate and anger him?

That fear, however, didn't stop modern-day horror storyteller Stephen King from tweeting an insult that seemed to upset Cthulhu more than it did the intended victim, US presidential candidate Donald Trump (who has yet to officially respond).

"Reliable sources reveal that Donald Trump is actually Cthulhu," King tweeted on Monday. "The absurd hairdo isn't absurd at all. It hides the tentacles."

As one of the Great Old Ones -- think old-school all-powerful god -- Cthulhu wasn't having it. In fact, the parody Twitter account Cthulhu for America responded with the kind of statement only a giant green tentacled god could release.

"Trump could barely hope to be 1/63 as great as I am if he weren't such a buffoon," Cthulhu responded in a statement.

"You will not find me giving pneumonia to small children or being an impulsive firestarter," Cthulhu continued in a dig at both Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton and Trump himself. "Those are for the lesser evils to which I should never be compared. It is the end of the watch for mankind and it is our aim to bury them in the dead zone."

Well, Cthulhu has our vote.