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Crystal ball covered in molten copper creates its own magic

See what happens when someone pours 1,984-degree liquid copper onto a clear quartz crystal ball.

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Bonnie Burton profile photo
Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

Crystal balls have been long used by self-proclaimed fortune tellers to gaze into the future. The idea of these beautiful orbs, also referred to as orbuculums, laying out one's destiny is pure whimsy, of course.

However, this video posted Sunday by YouTube user Tito4re demonstrates the magic of pouring 1,984-degree Fahrenheit (1,085-degree Celsius) molten copper on top of a clear quartz crystal ball.

As the liquid copper slowly covers the orb, the object glows orange and then starts cracking in an almost eerie way.

Adding water to the ball shatters the outer layers in an even more spectacular fashion. Remarkably, the crystal ball did not explode during the experiment.

You probably shouldn't try any of this at home. That why YouTubers like Tito4re exist -- to risk their lives to entertain us with molten metal videos. In other videos from Tito4re, molten metal is poured on burgers, tennis balls, snow globes, Lego toys, and even bubblegum.