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Crazy GIF shows Chinese divers achieving the impossible

In this amusing clip, two medal-winning divers far outperform even their most impressive athletic feats to date.

Samantha Rhodes CNET Intern
Samantha Rhodes is an editorial intern for CNET. She currently attends Georgetown University, studying English and digital art. Samantha loves all things tech, plus logic puzzles, Lord of the Rings and podcasts of every variety. She is based in New York City.
Samantha Rhodes

The same week synchronized divers Chen Aisen and Lin Yue won gold at the Olympics, they may end up being crowned GIF kings too.

The athletes from China currently star in a GIF that's even more mind-bending than those speedy midair flips that got them some gleaming new hardware on Monday.

Basically, they jump off the 10-meter-high diving board and plunge gracefully into tiny plastic cups. Coaches clap ecstatically and the two wave to their adoring fans from inside the cups. It doesn't sound nearly as funny as it is. Trust me.

The 8-second clip from Chris Nik has gotten nearly 9 million views on Imgur. It joins #PhelpsFace, a meme of star US swimmer Michael Phelps looking a little like an angry Luke Skywalker, in what will surely be a team of many funny videos to come out of Rio 2016.

The games themselves, meanwhile, are already emerging as a winner on digital media. More minutes of the Rio Games have already been live-streamed than the entire 2012 Olympics.

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