Court ruling casts cloudy future for Aereo

The US Supreme Court rules the broadcast-TV streaming service is illegal, but Aereo could evolve to continue in a new form. Meanwhile, cord-cutters get new digital antenna options with Mohu Channels, and Apple cuts the price of the iPod Touch.

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Watch this: Court ruling casts cloudy future for Aereo

In this episode of CNET Update:

  • Get a quick explanation of how Aereo works and why the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the TV-streaming service to be illegal. The ruling not only affects Aereo's future, but it could also impact other cloud services.
  • If Aereo can't find a new way to survive, cable cord-cutters will need to rely on their own digital antenna to watch live broadcast networks. There are a few good over-the-air DVRs to record live broadcast TV. Mohu Channels is a new antenna product that offers a channel guide to combine free broadcast stations with apps and a Web browser, but it doesn't record shows.
  • Apple cut the prices of it's iPod Touch line, and also upgraded the 16 GB model to include a camera and more color options.

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