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Courageous couple scales crane perched atop giant skyscraper

Love can soar to great heights. Watch as a loving duo dare to climb 2,099 feet up China's Goldin Finance 117 to prove romance isn't dead.

When making a grand romantic gesture, most of us opt for expensive chocolate or a candlelit dinner for two. When couple Angela Nikolau and Ivan Beerkus wanted to show off their affections for each other, they decided to climb one of the world's highest construction sites in Tianjin, China.

At 1,957 feet (597 meters), Goldin Finance 117 -- also known as China 117 Tower -- will be one of the world's tallest buildings when completed.

Hotel search site Travel Ticker posted a YouTube video on Monday of first-person footage shot by the couple as they scaled a crane on top of the skyscraper one death-defying step at a time.

While the video is fun to watch, Travel Ticker reminds viewers that even though they "support many travelers from around the world" who "climb on rooftops during their travels," they do not encourage everyone to go climb the world's tallest crane.

"Please do not attempt to do this yourself," Travel Ticker states at the beginning of the video. "You might get hurt, arrested or fined. Do not put yourselves and others in danger." Love hurts, but there's no reason all of us should test that theory on top of a crane.