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Cook recipes from TV and movies on Binging with Babish

Ever wonder what was on the Big Kahuna Burger from "Pulp Fiction"? What about the recipe for the prison pasta sauce from "Goodfellas"? Binging with Babish on YouTube has you covered.

I've written about cooking shows here before when I posted a collection of videos from You Suck At Cooking, but there's another great channel on YouTube you should know about for great recipes.

Binging with Babish stars Oliver Babish, and what he does that's unique is he tries to recreate recipes previously seen in TV shows and movies. Also, you usually get a clip of the show in question before he goes through the steps to make the dish and it's all done with a fun sense of humor.

Here are a few of my favorites.

In this episode, Babish recreates the elaborate turkey burger Chris Traeger presents to the group on "Parks and Rec" during a burger cook off, then follows with Ron Swanson's much more basic version:

Next, I'm a big fan of the movie "Goodfellas" and the prison cooking scene is one of my favorites. In this episode he shows you how to make the famous prison pasta sauce:

In this episode, you can learn how to create the Big Kahuna Burger from another favorite movie, "Pulp Fiction":

Finally, from that famous scene in "The Office", you can learn how to cook Kevin's famous chilly:

Check a whole lot more great recipes from Binging with Babish here.

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