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ComScore: Google claims top spot for desktop and mobile hits

February's numbers also show that Groupon, Zynga, and Pandora had the greatest percentage gains in mobile out of the top 50 companies.

Google hasn't budged from the No. 1 spot when it comes to its desktop and mobile audience, according to ComScore's latest rankings, but the companies with the most mobile growth are ones that have been struggling to keep investors happy.

Groupon, Zynga, and Pandora's mobile users grew more than twice as much as their numbers for desktop users, according to ComScore's February measurement for the top 50 digital media companies. Of course, the three companies -- which have seen their share of management shakeups and disappointing earnings this past year -- had much smaller numbers to start with.

This is ComScore's first official rankings based on web and mobile using its "Media Metrix Multi-Platform" tool. The company started testing the new ranking technology in November, and its scoring accounts for people using multiple devices to access sites.

At 36.9 million visitors total, Groupon's mobile growth was 223 percent. For Zynga's 37.5 million total, mobile growth was 211 percent, and for Pandora, which had 65.1 million visitors, mobile growth was 183 percent.

Google, by contrast, had an audience of 228.1 million, and the number of mobile users grew by 16 percent. Yahoo came in second with 210.6 million and 13 percent, and Microsoft and Facebook continued their fight for third and fourth place. Microsoft had 175.9 million visitors and saw a meager 6 percent growth in mobile. Facebook, at 175 million visitors, had a 20 percent growth in mobile.

The top 10 of ComScore's top 50 for February. ComScore

ComScore said that on average, the audience sizes of the top 100 online companies grew 38 percent. For 19 of those properties, mobile numbers exceeded desktop by at least 50 percent.