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CompuServe Announces Mosaic for Win 95

When Microsoft begins selling Windows 95 in August, CompuServe Seattle plans to release Mosaic In A Box for Windows 95--the first Web add-on for consumers upgrading to the new operating system.

Priced at $9.95, the software will come with a 32- and 16-bit browser. To make the online connection easier, the package will include email, a secure Mosaic browser, an electronic wallet for shopping, disk caching for faster Web viewing, and integration with Internet Shortcuts--a feature of Windows 95 that enables automatic access to Web sites, officials said.

Under a new pricing model, users will be able to sign up for two levels of CompuServe access with the software. Subscribers to the Silver Surf Club will pay $9.95 monthly for 7 hours of access time. More energetic Web users can sign up for the Gold Internet Club--a $19.95 per month plan that comes with 20 hours of access time. Additional hours of access time will be priced at $1.95 per hour for both plans.