Complete guide to iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 is here for your iPhone and iPad. CNET explains how to get, what it does and how to use it.

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After a novel public beta program Apple released iOS 9 in its official form today. iPhone and iPad users can download the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system either over the air or through iTunes. The update will be compatible with all iPhones back to the iPhone 4S , all iPod Touch devices back to the 5th-Generation model and all iPads back to the iPad 2 , the original iPad Air and the original iPad Mini .

CNET's How To team has spent the last few weeks kicking the tires of iOS 9 and giving it a thorough shake-down. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of it.

What's new in iOS 9 (pictures)

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Getting started

How to prepare your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch for iOS 9: With iOS 9 set for release on September 16, now's a good time to get your devices ready for the update.

How to update your iPhone or iPad: There are two methods to get from iOS 8 to iOS 9. Here's what you need to know.

How to force your iPhone to give you the latest iOS update: Go directly to iOS 9.0.1. Do not pass Go, do not collect iOS 9.

34 iOS 9 tips you should know (pictures)

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Interface and security

How to use iOS 9's fancy back button: A single home button has long pulled double duty when it comes to multitasking on your iOS device.

Secure your iOS device with a six-digit passcode on iOS 9: Apple wants you to add two more digits to your PIN code, increasing security of your iOS device.

Get to know the new App Switcher on iOS 9: The first time you double-click the home button after updating to iOS 9, you're in for a surprise.

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Change the order of notifications on iOS 9: The order that notifications appear in Notification Center on iOS has never really made sense, but with iOS 9 Apple is looking to fix that.

How to use the iPad's new slide-over feature on iOS 9: Your iPad is learning new tricks with iOS 9, including the ability to let you view information from one app while using another.

Get to know the iPad's new 'split-view' feature on iOS 9: Ever wanted to run two apps at the same time on your iPad? Well, now you can.

Customize the appearance of Safari's Reader feature on iOS 9: Reader in iOS 9 is getting a new look, if you're into that sort of thing.

How to use the iPad's new keyboard on iOS 9: Your iPad's keyboard now doubles as a trackpad for quick text selection and editing tools sitting atop the keyboard at all times.

How to get rid of iOS 9's lowercase keyboard: Find out where the setting hides to return you to the familiar ALL CAPS keyboard.

iOS 9's biggest iPad features (pictures)

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Get started with iOS 9 News app: Apple's new Flipboard-like app aims to be your one-stop shop for all things news. Here's how it works.

How to use low-power mode on iOS 9: A new feature in iOS 9 helps squeeze every ounce of energy out of your iOS device's battery.

How to enable the iCloud Drive app on iOS 9: There's an app for accessing your iCloud Drive files in one place...finally.

How to access your Wallet from the lock screen on iOS 9: This quick shortcut makes it almost too easy to pay for your dirty double chai latte at Starbucks.

How to select multiple photos at once in iOS 9: The Photos app has a new trick up its sleeve in iOS 9, check this out.

Disable the "Found in Mail" Calendar on iOS 9: A new feature aimed at streamlining the process of scheduling appointments isn't for everyone.

Monitor battery percentage from Notification Center on iOS: A quick swipe from the top of your iOS device can now show you battery life for Bluetooth-connected devices.

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Disconnect from a Bluetooth device the easy way: Apple has finally made this process almost too easy.

How to search the Settings app on iOS 9: iOS 9 users will love the added ability to search for a setting, instead of mindlessly tapping through the app.

How to enable AT&T Wi-Fi calling on iOS 9: AT&T customers, rejoice; it appears Wi-Fi calling is coming to your iPhone on iOS 9. Here's how to enable it.

9 ways iOS 9 changes your iPhone (pictures)

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How to sign, markup documents without leaving the Mail app on iOS 9: Signing a document, annotating an attachment and drawing on a photo can now be done directly in the Mail app in iOS 9.

Get started with iOS 9's picture-in-picture feature: Want to watch a video or FaceTime on your iPad and browse Facebook at the same time? With iOS 9, you can!

How to get transit directions in Apple Maps on iOS 9: Want to know when to catch the bus or hop on the next subway train? Apple Maps can help.

Getting started with the new Notes app: Gone are the days of a plain note-taking app on your iOS device. Notes on iOS 9 means business.

How to customize iOS 9's proactive search: Spotlight search is more eager to aid your search efforts in iOS 9. Learn how to temper its enthusiasm.

How to teach Siri to recognize only your voice on iOS 9: Tired of "Hey Siri" being triggered on your iOS device by anyone in the room? Read this.

How and why to enable Wi-Fi Assist on iOS 9: Learn what this new feature does and how to turn it on.

How to turn off iOS 9's automated traffic helper: The newly updated OS seems to think you want traffic updates when you go certain places. If you don't, here's the fix.

The quickest way to perform a search in mobile Safari on iOS 9: A new feature shortcut in iOS 9 makes searching Google (and the like) much faster.