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Compaq, Intel to bring videophone home

Compaq and Intel are joining to equip home PCs with videophones.

Compaq Computer announced today that it has teamed up with Intel to equip home PCs with videophones.

This fall Compaq will offer a combination of its Phone Center software and telephony modems that will work with the Video Phone technology announced by Intel today. The companies did not announced pricing or packaging details.

Intel's Video Phone, which is based on its ProShare videoconferencing product line, allows users to make phone calls with their PCs and see the person on the other end. Intel says the Video Phones will require only a Pentium PC operating at 133 MHz or above and one standard phone line. The software is compatible with the H.324 videoconferencing standard so that it will be able to interoperate with comparable offerings from other vendors.

The Video Phone has a "voice call first" feature that allows users to initiate or answer a call conventionally, then move to the PC for video capability. The user will also be able to send a high resolution snapshot during the call.

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