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Companies, policy makers take privacy seriously

Corporations appear to be waking up to privacy concerns, but groups abroad say American efforts may be well short of what's needed.


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Corporations appear to be waking up to privacy concerns, but are American efforts well short of what's needed?

"We're galvanizing internal efforts and working with the rest of the industry to address the privacy concerns."

- Saul Klein, Microsoft group program manager for Web Platform Services


Microsoft's unofficial policy chief
In the wake of the giant's highly publicized misstep of gathering identifying data from Windows 98 users, a fairly new member of its team has emerged as its unofficial privacy emissary.

Alliance rejects U.S. privacy plans
An international coalition lambastes the United States' answer to a strict European Union law that prohibits the transfer of personal data to countries that fail to adequately shield privacy.

Nickelodeon awarded child privacy seal
Nickelodeon Online, a Web site for preteens, tomorrow will announce that it has been selected as the first site to receive the Better Business Bureau's Kids' Privacy Seal.