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Comcast's 1 TB data caps are coming your way

The limits, which were already in a select number of markets, will go nationwide starting November 1.

Can you stream a terabyte's worth of data? If you can, it'll cost you extra.

If you're a Comcast customer, prepare to watch out for how much internet data you're consuming.

The cable giant is set to roll out its Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan across all of its territory starting November 1. As the program's name suggests, customers will be limited to 1 TB of data each month. Those who go over will have to pay $10 more to get 50 GB, for a maximum of $200 a month.

Comcast notes that more than 99 percent of its customers use less than 1 TB of data each month. But that might change as 4K streaming video and even virtual reality become mainstream.