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Combine every US presidential portrait and get...Frank Underwood?

Software created a composite of every president's face and returned...another fictional US president? Can you see the resemblance?


Do all the presidents really combine to make this one fictional president?

Rise Digital

If you could somehow take a sample of the genetic material of every US president going back to George Washington and use it to create a hybrid of all 44 men, what would he look like?

Seattle marketing outfit Rise Digital decided to do a little experiment to answer this burning question by feeding every presidential portrait into facial-morphing software from Abrosoft that creates a digital "average" or composite of all those faces. The resulting portrait is the face on the left above.

Rise Digital claims to see a resemblance to Kevin Spacey's character Francis Underwood from the Netflix show "House of Cards," (as seen on the right), but here at CNET we see a whole lot more of sportscasters Frank Gifford or Al Michaels in that face, or maybe even the younger brother of this composite of every Doctor Who ever. Who do you see in this super-presidential portrait? Let us know in the comments below.