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CNET wins awards for breaking news, feature writing

The online news service wins several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for its breaking news coverage and feature writing.

CNET has won honors for excellence in journalism for the second time in a month.

Tuesday, won several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Northern California chapter. SPJ is the United States' largest and most broad-based journalism organization.

Staff members led by Troy Wolverton and Greg Sandoval won first place in breaking news for online publications with their coverage of hacker attacks on Yahoo,, eBay and other Web sites in February.

Erich Luening, Mike Ricciuti and Mike Yamamoto won first place for online feature writing for spearheading staff coverage of Y2K concerns.

Jim Hu, Mike Yamamoto and Jeff Pelline won honorable mention in online feature writing for a special report on Microsoft and America Online's conflict over instant messaging.

Greg Sandoval won honorable mention for public service for revealing that failed dot-coms were attempting to sell customers' personal information.

Other winners at the SPJ's annual awards ceremony included, the San Jose Mercury News of San Jose, Calif., the San Francisco Chronicle, and Business 2.0, among others.

The awards are the latest of many received by since its launch in 1996.

In October, was named "Best News Web Site" by Wired magazine in the annual readers' choice poll. Last year, won a third straight EPpy Award for Best Non-Newspaper Online News Service from Editor & Publisher and a first-place feature award from the Computer Press Association. also was the first news site ever to be given a Webby Award.