Cloudy forecast for Windows Vista

The oft-delayed OS might keep you waiting just a bit longer. Also: No tokens for you.

CNET News staff
Microsoft might keep you waiting just a bit longer for the much-delayed operating system update. Also: Though Bill Gates has been vociferous on the need to replace passwords, Vista won't have expected support for RSA tokens.

Gartner predicts longer Vista delay

It's likely the oft-bumped operating system update will get pushed back again, the research firm says.
May 2, 2006

RSA: Token support in Vista put on the shelf

The OS update won't include built-in support for SecurID, even though the technology has been under testing for two years.
May 2, 2006

New IE browser raises Google's hackles

Google says Microsoft is unfairly grabbing Web traffic by making its MSN search engine the default in its IE 7 browser.
The New York Times
April 30, 2006

Microsoft takes down barrier in Vista firewall

Windows update will turn off the firewall's new feature by default--something customers have asked for, Microsoft says.
April 27, 2006

With fans like this, who needs enemies?

blog Even hard-core Windows enthusiasts are getting into the fun of tweaking Microsoft over the OS delays.
April 24, 2006