Cinco de Mayo: 5 apps to get your drinks delivered

Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? How do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Let's mull these questions -- over a margarita or Mexican beer.

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Joshua Rotter
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Cinco de Mayo may be a big drinking holiday in the US (much grander than in Mexico, in fact). But why do we clink margarita glasses every May 5?

The fifth of May marks the day the Mexican Army defeated French invaders at the Battle of Puebla, back in 1862. No, it's not, as some think, Mexican Independence Day, which actually takes place on September 16. It's a small military holiday in Mexico, marked by a ceremonial parade on the streets of Puebla. In the US, it's been watered down into just another Tecate drinking holiday. You can thank beer companies in the '70s for popularizing the day as a ploy to get $$$ from the Hispanic community.

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So as you guzzle margaritas, cervezas or micheladas this Sunday, know what the day's really about. And one good thing: You don't have to go far or even to the nearest bar to do it. Here are five apps that bring the liquor to your doorstep. Before you place your order, check out Chowhound's guide to lesser-known but way cooler craft Mexican beers.


Drizly asks for your address and returns with a spectacular selection of beer, wine and liquor from partnering stores without any price markups. Drizly pinky-swears to deliver your order ASAP. If you can wait, you can schedule a delivery up to two weeks in advance, or if you live outside one of the 70-plus cities five-star Drizly delivers to, you can have your hooch delivered in two to three days.


Get celebrating within an hour with Drizly.



Minibar also delivers to 30-plus cities, but the app is unique in its beautiful, easy-to-navigate design, powerful search and excellent curated liquor, wine and beer collections. Orders can come as quickly as 30 to 60 minutes or placed up to 14 days beforehand.


Minibar delivers right to your door.



If you're lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento or Chicago, then you can get sauced via Saucey. With the five-star app, you can get liquor, wine, beer, and mixers delivered in 30 minutes. Those who are jonesing (or about to go through the shakes) will appreciate real-time updates and even the ability to see your courier on a map.


Saucey has 30-minute delivery.


Order from your favorite liquor stores or grocers on Delivery.com. Search for your preferred tequila (Cuervo to Don Julio and everything in between) or Modelo Mexican beer -- or whatever else your liver desires.


Delivery.com can bring food, too.



You may already know Instacart as the popular grocery delivery service, but did you know that the Instacart app can also deliver your favorite beer, wine and liquor? Even better, you can get it in an hour or less, and your first delivery is free.


Instacart can set up deliveries from stores in your area.