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Chrome for iOS learns pronouns

Google updates Chrome for iOS with better voice-activated searches, faster returns to search results, and bandwidth savings tracker.

Seth Rosenblatt Former Senior Writer / News
Senior writer Seth Rosenblatt covered Google and security for CNET News, with occasional forays into tech and pop culture. Formerly a CNET Reviews senior editor for software, he has written about nearly every category of software and app available.
Seth Rosenblatt

Google's latest version of Chrome for iOS boosts the iPad and iPhone version of the browser with several small feature tweaks.

Chrome for iOS 29 includes changes that pull the browser close to parity with Chrome for Android. The first improvement, and the one that people are most likely to encounter, is that the browser caches your search results. This means that returning to a search results list after tapping a link happens faster than before.

Speaking of search, voice search now works with pronoun follow-up questions. After asking who the president of the US is, you can then ask, "How tall is he?" to find out Barack Obama's height.

Pronoun search doesn't always work, though. Asking, "Who are the San Francisco Giants playing tonight?" will provide a link to the Major League Baseball schedule, but following up with "Who's pitching for them?" flummoxes the voice search engine and returns an inaccurate list.

Another new feature improvement in Chrome for iOS 29 is a data cost-savings calculator that you can view in Settings under Bandwidth Management. Google said, without explanation, that the feature would be made available to people "incrementally."

Google also has improved "Single Sign-On" for apps in Chrome, so you only have to log into Google once, as well as making several security and stability fixes.