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Chrome 20 released, available for update now

Chrome 20 is the new version of Google's web browser, and it's available to install now.

Chrome 20 has been released, offering fans of Google's slick browser a chance to plug a few security holes.

Sadly it doesn't look like there's anything particularly revolutionary due with this fresh edition, but Google's Chrome Releases blog details the top 20 fixes, including an autofill display problem and a fix that will "prevent sandboxed processes interfering with each other".

Google pays security bods for spotting errant bugs in its popular software, awarding a total of $11,500 (about £7,400) to those who found glitches this time around.

To update Chrome, point your cursor at the little wrench icon in the top-right of the browser and click 'About Google Chrome'. That should cause Chrome to check if it's up to date, and install an update if it finds one.

Chrome managed to edge out Internet Explorer to become the world's most popular browser back in March -- but only for one day. The pared-down bit of software has grown in popularity though, with fans touting speedy start-up times and lack of clutter as reasons to prefer it to rivals.

If you're keen on Chrome, examine our exhaustive 50 essential Chrome tips, including tricks such as pinning tabs, checking background tasks and using Chrome as a calculator. Chrome is walking tall on Android now too.

Are you a fan of Chrome? Or do you prefer Firefox or even Internet Explorer? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.