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Twitter is excited for Christmas -- on November 1

Social Cues: Nobody cares about Thanksgiving apparently. Also on social media, Philadelphia's commuters must suddenly find new ways to get to work.

Forget Thanksgiving, it's all about Christmas on Twitter.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

On the first day of November, Twitter gave to me, Christmas in a rushed delivery.

Halloween left in a hurry, and Twitter users quickly turned their attention to December 25, eagerly anticipating a yuletide that's nearly two months away. Politics, as usual, also placed high on social media -- it's now one week until Election Day.

Social Cues is your go-to guide on what your friends and followers are talking about on social media. Here is what's trending this Tuesday:

Merry Christmas: It looks like the countdown to Christmas starts earlier every year. Right after Halloween ended, December's holiday was trending on Twitter, which seemed ready to skip right over Thanksgiving. Some people weren't caught up in the holiday spirit, though, and wondered why Christmas was trending when it's not December yet. Just 53 days left, people.

Election 2016: The race to the White House is coming to a tight finish as Hillary Clinton faces the continuing unfolding of FBI Director James Comey's notice regarding more potential emails. "Clinton by 1" was trending on Twitter thanks to one poll showing Donald Trump leading the Democratic nominee by a point on Tuesday. "Investigating Trump" was also trending on Twitter, with a New York Times story about the FBI finding no clear link between Russia and the Republican candidate.

#septastrike: Philadelphia is in a bind: About 4,700 transit workers went on strike early Tuesday. With the city's trains and buses providing about 900,000 rides a day, Philadelphia's commuters were in for a rude awakening. Twitter users started posting memes about how they were getting to work and about the likelihood of snarling traffic.

Peter Thiel: The PayPal co-founder made waves on social media in his defense of Trump. A talk by Thiel during an appearance Monday at the National Press Club was live-streamed on YouTube. "What Trump represents isn't crazy," Thiel said, in the line that stuck out the most to Facebook users. "It isn't going away." His support for and $1.25 million donation to Trump have bucked the Silicon Valley trend of supporting Clinton.

#NoDAPL: The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline is facing heavy protests in person and on social media, and this hashtag continues taking over Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of Facebook users are checking in at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, as a virtual protest amid the tense standoff that focuses on a $3.7 billion pipeline that opponents say will destroy artifacts and water supplies.

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