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China trains companies to censor the internet more quickly

The training was ordered by the country's Ministry of Public Security and included 21Vianet, which works with Microsoft.

Greg Baker / AFP/Getty Images

How effective is tight government censorship if companies aren't any good at censoring?

China on Thursday held a training drill to help internet service providers, including data centres, get better at emergency requests to pull "harmful" content from the net, reports Reuters

The country's Ministry of Public Security ordered the drill in an attempt to "tackle the problem of smaller websites illegally disseminating harmful information," according to a document the publication obtained. Among the participants was 21Vianet, who operates Microsoft's Office 365 and Azure cloud services in China. 

China, already notorious for its internet filtering system, known colloquially as the "Great Firewall", has in the last few months been even more vigorous in its attempts to control the internet. It's cracked down on virtual private networks (VPNs), which let internet users circumvent restrictions, and imposed stricter regulations on online news publications

The country even banned Winnie the Pooh for an afternoon after Chinese social media users compared the honey lover to President Xi Jinping.