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Check Point targets midsize businesses

Check Point Software's new security product includes a firewall and software that protects medium-size companies' virtual private networks and applications from attack.

Check Point Software on Monday introduced a security software product designed for midsize businesses.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company said the new product, called Check Point Express, includes a firewall and software that protects virtual private networks (VPN) and applications from attack. The product is available for networks with up to 500 users.

"Midsized businesses can now experience the same superior security as the majority of the Fortune 500--tailored very specifically to address their ease-of-use and affordability requirements," Carol Stone, vice president of marketing at Check Point, said in a statement.

Many midsize companies have faced the challenge of securing their networks with high levels of protection but minimal personnel. The task has become even more formidable in the face of mounting attacks from hackers and new worms.

Last year, Check Point introduced specific products aimed at small businesses. The company hoped to use its dominance in the corporate and telecommunications markets to branch out into smaller markets with a product called S-box, an appliance that allows small-business users to use Check Point's firewall and VPN technology.

The new package includes features that help to secure applications and networks, encrypt and authenticate data, and allow companies to centrally manage all aspects of a comprehensive security infrastructure. Check Point Express is available worldwide, with prices starting at $3,500.