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Chat Creator: Easy chat for your site or blog

Chat Creator: Easy chat for your site or blog

In the last few days, I've written about ways to integrate files and personalities across Web sites. You can also integrate chat room discussions. As TechCrunch reported, GeeSee enables you to create a chat room and make it accessible from any Web site, or take an existing GeeSee chat and embed it in your own site. So if a bunch of bloggers got together on a topic (such as parenting, for example), they could share a chat room. Theoretically, all their readers would benefit from the larger community.

There's an even easier solution than GeeSee, though: Chat Creator. Creating a chat widget with this site is absurdly easy, especially if you use the "Add chat to your site" function. That will give you a link to embed in your site. Anybody who uses that link will get the same users and conversations in their chat room.

[I removed the sample chat window I had here previously.]

There are other options you can apply if you want to put your chat on the site's directory, or if you want to make the chat private or password-protected. But for setting up a quick chat, I cannot imagine a simpler tool.