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Cards Against Humanity for Web brings your filthy mind online

Thanks to Cards Against Humanity's Creative Commons license, a crafty designer creates a Web-based version of the popular raunchy game so you can play it whenever and wherever.

Yep, you can finally play Cards Against Humanity online, thanks to Canadian designer Dawson Whitfield. Cards Against Originality

Cards Against Humanity is a great card game for adult time, one perhaps best described by its creators as a "party game for horrible people [that is] as despicable and awkward as you and your friends." But it requires that you to find time to sit down with your awkward, despicable friends to play.

Now, you can play Cards Against Humanity online, thanks to the crafty Canadian designer Dawson Whitfield. Whitfield released Cards Against Originality, an online app that lets you play the raunchy card game from wherever you happen to be. Building the app in the browser lets anyone with an Internet-connected device play, so even your technophobic friends who, gasp, don't have smartphones or tablets can partake in the action from their computer.

Whitfield was able to release this version of the game thanks to Cards Against Humanity's Creative Commons license, which grants anyone the right to download, print out or otherwise use the game as they see fit.

Cards Against Originality is played exactly like the card game it's based on, with the original deck and all five expansion decks at your disposal. To play, one person needs to set up a game and send the custom link to anyone who wants to play. Sure, it will probably take longer to play a game around everyone's schedules, but it's a lot easier than trying to find a time to sit down and play the game with your awkward, despicable friends.

(Via Design Taxi)