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The Internet helps punch up Spider-Man's 'Civil War' debut

If you weren't thrilled with Spider-Man's lackluster line in the new "Captain America: Civil War" trailer, you're not alone.

Insert your own Spider-Man dialogue here.
Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

The newest trailer for Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War" gives fans their first glimpse of Spider-Man in the upcoming Avengers epic.

Instead of focusing on the many awesome scenes in the trailer, the Internet has glommed on Spidey's only line. After stealing Captain America's shield and handcuffing him with webbing, Spider-Man delivers a lackluster, "Hey everyone." The Internet was not impressed.

Some fans on Vine and YouTube decided to give Spider-Man something more original to say for his debut in Marvel's superhero showdown. The trend even inspired the hashtag #SpiderManAuditions on Vine.

Here are some of our favorites. Warning: If you watch enough of these videos, that booming soundtrack will get stuck in your head.

First up, Vine user hideheichou SrSm thought that Spidey's line didn't need to be rewritten. His "hello" just needed a more musical hook.

Trailers aren't supposed to be art. They're really just infomercials aimed at getting audiences to check out a movie when it's released in theaters. That's probably what The Heat Miser had in mind when he made this Vine.

If you haven't seen Director Tommy Wiseau's "The Room," then you really need to join the rest of humanity and witness this masterpiece of failure. Seeing it will also help you understand the reference in Hey It's Rae's Vine.

We're probably never going to see the DC-Marvel crossover movie we've all been wishing for. Jay Sabherwal's video may be the closest you're ever going to get.

You just know that Wade "Deadpool" Wilson wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut about Spider-Man's grand entrance. He posted his own dialogue improvement on his official Vine page. So far, this is the one I'm actually hoping the editors of "Civil War" will choose to put it in the final product.

Finally, the folks at the visual creations YouTube channel VS Gag decided that Spidey didn't need to say anything during his big entrance. He just needed a little more flair.