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Canada includes secret code in new $10 bill announcement

The Bank of Canada has given new life to Konami's Contra code.

Key in the Konami code on Bank of Canada's website announcing the commemorative $10 bills, and this is what you get.
Screengrab by Zoey Chong/CNET

The Bank of Canada wants to prove that it's as much of a geek as anyone of us.

So it (or its social media team anyway) decided to plant a cheat code on its website announcing the newly released commemorative $10 bills, reports CTV News.

When users key in Konami's Contra code sequence (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) on its webpage, the Canadian national anthem starts playing and mini $10 banknotes begin raining down.

It's not Canada's first attempt at reaching out the country's tech geeks -- the nation's official Twitter account invited its followers to suggest the Pokemon they think is most Canadian on the franchise's 18th anniversary in Canada last May.

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