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Camelot goes from software to ISP

Software developer Camelot will launch an Internet access service Monday.

Undaunted by the increasingly crowded market for Internet access, software developer and distributor Camelot intends to launch its own online access service called Camelot Internet on Monday.

The company laid the groundwork for the venture in January when it signed an agreement with UUNet Technologies to use its Internet backbone facilities. Through that agreement, Camelot Internet will provide local access in more than 200 cities in the United States and connections to more than 38,000 networks in 72 countries. The Dallas-based company will offer customers five free hours of Internet access per month, with an additional charge of $2.50 per hour thereafter.

Camelot will also include its Net phone software Digiphone as part of its Internet service package. Camelot Internet customers will have the option of upgrading to Digiphone Deluxe for $39.

Users can sign up for the new service by calling (800) 442-7120.