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Call or text any number from your Apple Watch with Watch Keypad

This app puts a number pad on your Apple Watch so you can make calls or send texts from your wrist to numbers that aren't already saved in your contacts.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

It's easy to call or text someone from your Apple Watch if you have that person already saved in your contacts. Or they called recently.

Strangely, Apple didn't outfit its Watch with a number pad to dial a number manually, leaving such seemingly basic functionality to a 14-year-old developer from Holland who created the Watch Keypad app.

With Watch Keypad, you get a simple number pad to dial a number from your wrist. After entering a number, a force touch on your Apple Watch brings up buttons to call or text that number. There is also a button to view recent calls and another that swaps out the number pad for three symbols: +, # and star.

Not only are the numbers of recent calls saved to the Apple Watch, but you can also view your call and text history on the companion iPhone app.

Watch Keypad costs $0.99, £0.79, AU$1.49.