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Buy this James Bond-level amphibious Lamborghini super car

Calling all Daniel Craig wannabes. Your amphibious super car is ready to plunge into the cold water. You will need to provide your own billionaire supervillain.

Paul Cross

You can walk into a Lamborghini dealership and easily plunk down $200,000 for one of the Italian super cars. Or you can click over to eBay and pick up a Lambo lookalike for a lot less. What's the catch, you say? Well, it needs a little work. But on the plus side, it's amphibious and you'll feel like James Bond behind the wheel.

The car, dubbed the Z1A, is up on eBay as a classified ad rather than an auction. The asking price is £18,995, which works out to about $27,000 or AU$35,300. You will need to arrange your own international shipping if you don't live in the UK.

The Z1A is a one-off vehicle with a composite body molded from a Lamborghini Countach 5000QV, but with a re-styled nose. Real Countachs have quite a history. The first production cars arrived in 1974 and posters of the striking scissor-doors vehicles graced the walls of many car fans.

The ad description notes the "build cost was horrendous!" The bargain-basement price is due in part to it needing some attention after being in storage for some time. It's missing its seats and needs some paint in places, along with new mirrors and carpet. There's also an issue with the fuel line and the whole car needs some major servicing before it will be ready to drive or swim.

The Z1A was originally built by SeaRoader, a company specializing in amphibious vehicles. There are some details you won't find in a regular super car, like hydraulic activators that lift the wheels for water use and a smoke ejector, which should come in handy when you're in the middle of a super-spy car chase.

There are a lot of possibilities for what you could do with this car. I vote for parking it in a pool in your backyard and transforming it into a martini (shaken, not stirred) wet bar.

(Via Neatorama)