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Bummer: Web mixtape service Mixwit to shut down

Free hosted Web mixtape solution Mixwit is closing its doors next week. There's light at the end of the tunnel, though. Its creators may donate the source code to the OpenTape project.

Mixwit, one of my personal favorites for creating and sharing hosted mix tapes, is calling it quits next week.

Starting December 27, the site will no longer serve up streaming music tracks, with embedded mixes--like the one at the end of this post.

The company made the announcement last week, but just began to send out notices to registered users. Normally a week or so is cutting it close in the world of site closures, but in Mixwit's case there's very little in the way of user data besides playlists.

Mixwit is the latest Web mixtape service to shutter its doors. Muxtape, which allowed people to upload tracks, shut itself down after "bureaucracy" from the Recording Industry Association of America led founder Justin Ouelette to put the site on hold until a better solution could be found.

Michael Christoff and Radley Marx, the co-founders of Mixwit, say they're contemplating donating Mixwit's source code to the OpenTape project, which would let anyone host their own Mixwit-like mixtape despite the site no longer hosting the required resources.

Below I've put together a quick compilation of songs, which took just a few minutes. I'm definitely sad to see the site go, although I'm glad some of its features have the potential of ending up in future builds of the OpenTape project.

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