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Buffing up open source

Linux takes a new tack to stay competitive, as a key legal underpinning opens up for potential revisions.

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As a key legal underpinning opens up for potential revisions, Linux takes a new tack to stay competitive.

Stallman unbending on software patents

The debate over the General Public License version 3 begins as the Free Software Foundation's founder says anti-patent provisions are "not a placeholder."
Photos: Defender of the GPL
January 17, 2006

HP considers open-source services

The company might sell services designed to ease customer participation in the open-source programming community.
January 17, 2006

Companies push Linux partitioning effort

Effort is under way to get virtualization into the Linux kernel, so it can catch up with its OS rivals in server efficiency.
January 17, 2006

Public debate on GPL 3 draft begins

The FSF releases the first public discussion draft of the General Public License version 3, shedding light on proposed reforms.
January 16, 2005

IDC analyst heading to Open-Xchange

A fixture in the open-source software realm has become a marketing strategist for collaboration software company Open-Xchange .
January 16, 2006

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HP server exec leaves for Linux firm

A leader of HP's high-end NonStop server group takes charge of product development at Penguin Computing.
January 13, 2006

Chinese tech institute backs Linux standard

blog A Chinese government agency opens a lab using the Free Standards Group's Linux Standards Base certification process.
January 13, 2006

Overhaul of GPL set for public release

A major revamp of the General Public License is expected to kick off a long and vocal debate over the key foundation of open-source programming.
January 11, 2006

Homeland Security helps secure open-source code

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is extending the scope of its protection to open-source software.
January 10, 2006