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Buff photo of 'Justice League' actor J.K. Simmons pumps up internet

He's brawnier than Batman. A muscly photo of 61-year-old JK Simmons gives online jokers a workout.

JK Simmons may be the voice of the yellow M&M in commercials, but he's not sitting around munching bowls full of them. If you think you're too old to pump iron, be prepare to have your mind changed.

When you work with superheroes, you gotta look the part. Simmons, 61, will play Commissioner Gordon in 2017's "Justice League Part One," but we've never seen the commish this ripped.

Fitness pro Aaron Williamson has been sharing photos on Instagram of Simmons working out with enormous biceps rippling, and fans are giving the muscly pictures a workout.

Saturday morning, 61 years old & making the young generation jealous. This is what dedication looks like. #JKSimmons

A photo posted by Aaron Williamson (@aaronvwilliamson) on

Some are referencing Simmons' recent role as Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy.

#jksimmons #jjonahjameson #spiderman #commissionergordon #batman #justiceleague

A photo posted by Live For Films (@liveforfilms) on

He's getting those pictures! #JKSimmons #CommissionerGordon #JJJ #MarvelComics #DCcomics #SpiderMan #JLA

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An Instagrammer going by somewhatwretched found the muscles reminiscent of Simmons' creepy run as Nazi psycho Schillinger on HBO's "Oz," writing,"Yo, this dude would FOLD Beecher."

Some fans are just confused as to why a police commissioner would need to be able to bench-press a police car, but a reminder that "300" director Zack Snyder is also directing "Justice League" set some straight.

And some have made the necessary references to Simmons' more mellow roles, as the dad in "Juno" and his Oscar-winning performance as a music instructor in "Whiplash."

But our favorite references are those talking about Simmons' role as the voice of the yellow M&M, and warning that the other candies may want to take refuge in another candy store.

(Via BusinessInsider)