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BT sinks extra £1 billion into super-fast broadband: 100Mbps for the lucky few

BT is ploughing an extra billion quid into its planned super-fast broadband network, with 40Mbps for the masses and 100Mbps for the lucky few

BT is injecting a hefty chunk of extra change into its planned super-fast fibre-optic broadband network. BT is back in the black, and is set to plough this year's £1bn profit into a 40Mbps network over the next few years, bringing the total investment to £2.5bn and offering some users 100Mbps connections.

The first 4 million digital Britons are expected to be enjoying the 40Mbps BT Infinity service by the end of this year. 10 million of us will be covered by March 2012, with 16 million homes benefiting from super-fast speeds by 2015.

A lucky quarter of those super-fast users will have fibre pumping directly into their home, giving them head-spinning 100Mbps download speeds by 2012. The rest of us will get rapid 40Mbps fibre to the cabinet, which means super-fast fibre will connect to the green cabinets at the end of your road.

Gamers should be pleased with the news, as BT today announced it's investing in streaming gaming service OnLive. BT Vision is also getting a pocket-money increase, with a £200m investment following the news that it will offer Sky Sports 1 and 2 before the football season starts in August.

Sadly, a quarter of the country won't be served by super-fast broadband, but local collectives such as Rutland Telecom may be able to fill that gap. Meanwhile, Virgin Media is also planning a 100Mbps service this year, and is even running a 200Mbps trial. As for the government's ideas on the subjects, heck, that's anyone's guess.

Are you a BT subscriber? Excited about super-fast broadband or are you worried you may miss out? Hopeful that the new government may get its finger out? Get yourself down to the comments super-fast.