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BT internet down for customers across the UK

BT Broadband says it's working to fix the problem.

BT is having problems loading webpages for some customers.

Are you on BT Broadband and your internet isn't working properly? BT has acknowledged the problem and says it's working to fix things.

Various parts of the country seem to be affected, including London, York, Abergavenny and East Kilbride. Customers of Plusnet are also having problems.

"A spokesperson for BT said "We're sorry that some BT and Plusnet customers have been experiencing problems accessing some internet services this morning. This is affecting around 10 per cent of internet usage and has been caused by power issues at one of our internet connection partners' sites in London. Services are now being restored, and engineers are working to fix the problems for the remaining customers that are affected."

It's embarrassing timing for BT, which has been criticised by MPs for not investing enough in BT Openreach, the broadband infrastructure BT provides to other internet service providers. Telecoms watchdog Ofcom is currently considering whether Openreach should be spun off into a separate company to prevent conflicts of interest between BT and the competitors it also supplies.

BT is also suffering problems with phone lines in some areas. You can see if your area is affected by issues with broadband or phone lines at BT's service status page.