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Bring on Vista!

I can't wait for my nay-saying friends, colleagues and, most of all, the fanatical Mac horde to actually try Vista for themselves

For all the talk of Windows Vista being unforgivably late and offering little benefit over XP or Mac OS X, I'm really looking forward to its arrival. Yes, it may be the height of fashion to slate the Zune, the Xbox 360 and anything else Microsoft creates, but I've been using Vista since beta and I can't wait for my nay-saying friends, colleagues and most of all the fanatical Mac horde to actually try it for themselves -- it's really good.

Usability is vastly improved over previous versions of Windows. Users can now look at the contents of every file, be it video, text or picture, without having to open them first. The cascading Start menu of old has been replaced with a sleeker, more manageable version that is easier to navigate and never clogs up half your screen.

You know you want it. You're not a Mac fanboy, are you?

The Alt-Tab application switching experience has been revamped through the use of the Windows Aero interface. The search facility has also been vastly updated -- Instant Search lets you pinpoint files almost anywhere in Windows, plus it's contextual, so it knows whether you're looking for a music file in your Media Player library or the homework you've misplaced somewhere on the network.

I could go on about little things like never having to restart your computer after installing an application, or the fact Vista is actually very reliable and responsive, even in its early form, or the fact it has fully animated wallpapers. But I won't.

All I urge is, come 30 January, you go and play with Vista -- or better still, get a nerd to show you the new features. The future is nigh.