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Brie Larson to star as Carol Danvers in 'Captain Marvel'

Marvel reveals that the Oscar winner will play the lead in the upcoming superhero film, "Captain Marvel."

Brie Larson is ready to become Marvel's latest superhero.
Brie Larson/Twitter

Marvel has confirmed what many fans have been speculating for months -- actor Brie Larson will portray Carol Danvers in "Captain Marvel."

The news of Larson playing the beloved superheroine was revealed on July 23 at San Diego Comic-Con.

To celebrate, Larson tweeted herself wearing a Marvel Studios baseball cap.

As many Marvel comics fans already know, Danvers starts off as an air force pilot who, after a harrowing accident, has her DNA fused with an alien. This process ends up giving her special powers, including energy projection, flight and super strength.

The "Captain Marvel" screenplay will be written by Meg LeFauve ("Inside Out") and Nicole Perlman ("Guardians of the Galaxy"), with Kevin Feige serving as producer. No director has been announced yet.

"Captain Marvel" hits theaters on March 8, 2019.