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Accept makes music playlists shareable on any site, an aggregator of online music services that makes permanent links to songs and playlists, now can embed a player for a song list into any site.

screen-shot-2014-05-20-at-1-25-05-pm.png Joan E. Solsman/CNET, a start-up that creates permanent links to songs by automatically directing you to where they play across several online music services, now can embed playlists into any site.

As online music services proliferate but the vagaries of digital music rights remain baffling to consumers, Bop is among a class of services sprouting up to simplify the process of finding and sharing tracks. The problem is one plaguing not only music but also online video -- how many times have you gone to Netflix to watch the movie you queued three weeks ago only to find it's no longer licensed to stream?

Though a song may be available only on YouTube one week and then be available on Spotify the next, a Bop link -- or a Bop playlist with that song -- will always take listeners to the live, playable online source of that song no matter where it roams -- Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, YouTube, SoundCloud. For musicians, their labels and their management, it's a tool to ensure that fans can find and listen to a song they're promoting online -- even if the online source of it shifts after the initial promotion.

The new feature gives sites and blogs an embeddable music player that means whatever they want to play, all visitors -- regardless of their streaming service membership, country, or device -- can listen to the playlist.

It's a most-requested feature of independent developers and labels, said Shehzad Daredia, co-founder of, which has seen 35 million song plays since launching publicly in December. He said that partners who have embedded Bop players onto their sites have seen as much as a 30 increase in time-on-site and 40 percent higher engagement rates.